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Buescher in no rush to move up

March 07, 2013, Kristen Boghosian,

2012 Camping World Truck Series champion looks to enjoy the ride

James Buescher, the 2012 Camping World Truck Series champion, was a clear favorite coming into the NextEra Energy Resources 250. After leveraging his starting position of third to maneuver to the front of the pack by Lap 18, it seemed those expectations would come to fruition. Instead, Buescher ended the evening with a 13th-place finish -- the best he'll do for a while.

Though the series started at Daytona, the next race will not take place until the first week of April, when racers will head to Martinsville Speedway. Thirteenth place may not be where Buescher wants to spend so much time, but if there has to be a break, he'd rather have it now.

"I prefer racing every weekend but I think where the break is, is somewhat OK, if we have to have it, because you can't build momentum off of Daytona, typically," he said at Texas Motor Speedway's Media Day. "It's just a different animal compared to all of these other racetracks that we go to."

If Buescher wasn't dismayed to find he would not move up to the Nationwide Series as some expected, he may be now. This season, those other tracks include Eldora Speedway, in Rossburg, Ohio. The race marks a return of NASCAR's national series to dirt tracks -- a type of racing with which Buescher is mostly unfamiliar.

"...I want to race because I want to race and I want to have fun doing it."

-- James Buescher

"I'm not a dirt racer," he said. "I've raced here at the dirt track one time at Texas Motor Speedway. I've raced two ARCA races on dirt. Other than that I've been strictly asphalt. I don't know what to expect, especially with a heavier vehicle. Most dirt cars are half or a third of the weight of what a truck series truck is. It's something interesting."

Buescher also answered questions about his reputation for trying to do too much too quickly, saying he was in no hurry to move up before he was ready.

"What's the rush?" he asked. "I'm only 22. Like I said, I want to race because I want to race and I want to have fun doing it. If I want to move up and hurry and climb the ladder to the Cup Series and not succeed, that's no fun. That's not what I want to do. I just want to enjoy myself while I'm doing it. Whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen."

Busecher will still run a partial Nationwide schedule with Turner Scott Motorsports, a team run by his father-in-law, but insists he is content to be racing in the Truck Series.

"The racing is the fun part and the Truck Series is a lot of fun," he said. "It's a blast. I don't know what it is about it -- the downforce that's on those trucks makes it to where you can race side by side. They're just on edge all the way around on all these race tracks. Maybe it's the shorter races, we have less time to get it done and we feel the pressure of the shorter races. Maybe there's the same amount or more action packed into a tighter time frame because they are shorter. It creates a lot of excitement."


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