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Six pack of Pop: Kate Del Castillo

April 29, 2013, Holly Cain, sits down with Latin actress Kate Del Castillo

Internationally acclaimed actress Kate Del Castillo attended her first NASCAR race serving as the Honorary Starter for the Auto Club 400 at Auto Club Speedway. The popular Latino actress spent some time before the green flag promoting her upcoming NASCAR-themed Novela “Arranque De Pasion, La Historia De Ela” -- a first of its kind drama that will air in primetime on Univision on May 5. Shorter 5-7 minute episodes began airing on on April 1 for five weeks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at midnight (ET).

Del Castillo spoke with at Auto Club Speedway before the race.


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How much knowledge did you have of NASCAR before embarking on this project?

“To be honest, I love sports and extreme sport and cars and speed were something I always wanted to do. I did the Toyota Pro Celebrity race at Long Beach and actually got to drive the cars and fell in love with the whole idea (of racing). That’s where I got the idea for the web series with NASCAR. It has been like our dream come true and of course, now I’m a big, big fan of NASCAR.

How was your experience at your first NASCAR race so far?

“I’m very, very excited, it’s all adrenalin. Their lives depend on the others unlike any other sport.

Are there any drivers you are interested in meeting?

“I’m very excited to meet all of them, for me they are all the best. Of course, Danica (Patrick) is my hero and (Juan Pablo) Montoya, of course, a Latino.

Do people tell you that you look a little bit like Danica?

“You know it’s funny, when I was doing the Pro Celebrity race, people said, ‘you guys look a lot alike.'"

What is the inspiration for the web series? Why NASCAR?

“I think it’s a great idea. When we came up with this at first, it was just going to be a romantic comedy but they are doing so many things with (web series) the product is like a big movie. So now we know how big the internet is, for us it was the perfect marriage: young people, extreme sports, speeding. … It’s going to be great.’’

How did you do your research?

“First of all, we have an amazing writer and director. I told him it needs to be edgy and have passion and love and allure for everybody. But (my character) needs to be this tough lady but not just surviving in a world ruled by men, but also being a woman. She has this heart.

“I did a lot of research (on NASCAR) and I think these drivers are really much more beyond in many ways because they are tempting with their lives every single time they (race). It’s not just your life, but the lives of others.’’