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July 10, 2013,

Latest news, timeline of Daytona incident

There will be no penalties assessed to the 16 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams and 15 NASCAR Nationwide Series teams that had to change out the spacers that support the car’s roof flaps, NASCAR announced Wednesday afternoon.

The announcement came six days after the sport's sanctioning body took parts from 31 teams for not being uniform in size or appearance. The roof flaps, which were redesigned for the Generation-6 car, are built to deploy and allow air to escape from inside the cockpit of the car, lessening the chance it would become airborne during a wreck.

In the announcement released Wednesday, NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton said, in part, that “it was our determination that the functionality and safety aspects of the roof flaps were not compromised and the on track competition would not be impacted.”

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No penalties

In a ruling announced Wednesday, NASCAR will not penalize the teams or drivers who were using unapproved roof flaps. NASCAR VP of Competition Robin Pemberton said in a statement that the changes teams made didn’t impact driver safety. | Read the full story

Drivers: No surprise

Sprint Cup and Nationwide series drivers arriving at New Hampshire Motor Speedway applauded NASCAR's decision to opt against penalties for altered roof flaps, saying that the non-ruling did not come as a huge surprise. | Read the full story

Roof flaps confiscated

NASCAR officials confiscated roof flap spacers from 16 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams and 15 NASCAR Nationwide Series teams at Daytona International Speedway. See which drivers were affected and what the confiscated part actually is intended to do. | Read the full story

Drivers wonder: penalties?

Those caught using unapproved roof flap spacers were worried about the reaction from NASCAR. Because the pieces in questions are part of the mandated safety package, several drivers -- including veteran Jeff ‘The Mayor’ Burton -- thought there could have been points penalties. | Read the full story

A weighty issue

Teams are always looking to make their respective cars lighter. Larry McReynolds thinks that’s what teams were trying to do -- save weight, not hurt the integrity of the roof flaps. He gives David Caraviello his opinion. | Read the full story

Keeping cars grounded

As teams found out during testing in the offseason, the newly designed roof flaps help keep wrecked cars from going airborne. David Caraviello explains the science behind it. | Read the full story


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