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Six Pack of Pop: Kevin James and Adam Sandler

July 10, 2013, Kenny Bruce,

The stars of 'Grown Ups 2' sit down with

Comedian Adam Sandler’s latest movie, 'Grown Ups 2,' hits theaters July 12. The 46-year-old, along with fellow comedian Kevin James and former NBA all-star Shaquille O’Neal, served as grand marshals for this year’s Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway.

Was it difficult to convince the cast to do a sequel to Grown Ups?
Sandler: Kevin was …
James: I was in the beginning.
Sandler: He was screaming about the script.
James: And salary. I always do those two things -- salary and script. I scream like crazy.
Sandler: But when he read it, he said ’91.’ And I said, ‘What’s 91?’ And he said, ‘That’s the amount of lines you gave me.’
James: I count them. It exceeded the amount, I thought.
You and Kevin gave a unique rendition of the command to start engines at Michigan in 2010. How did you come up with the idea for this year’s Coke 400 command?
Sandler: We said, ‘We have to commit to something.’ … Probably, in the long run, if you watch it 30 or 40 times you’ll end up liking it. In the beginning, you’ll probably just say ‘that was a waste.’
James: It’s one of those things that grows on you; it’s like an acquired taste.
Sandler: Kind of like, what was that Jimmy Stewart movie that you watch every Christmas? 'It’s a Wonderful Life?' That wasn’t a hit in the beginning. Someday this will be the one.
Is Shaq intimidating to be around?
James: He could be; he could kill us all.
Sandler: No, not at all. We feel like we’ll be protected for the rest of our life. By the way, Shaq is on top of his game; he sees what’s going on … and he’s a pretty funny guy.
How did you get to know him?
Sandler: I’ve known him for years, just from living in California. He was like the biggest star in LA. I would go to (Laker) games and we talked for a little bit. I’d see him in different places; I’d give it up for the Shaq and he was always nice back.
Kevin, you’ve been on the road doing standup. How did that go?
James: I did a little tour. It was a lot of fun.
Sandler: Basements?
James: Basements and picnic areas. You ever see those grills that are like already cemented into the ground? You go there and people have cooked meat on those things for years. I would go there and just start telling jokes, and hopefully attract at crowd. Sometimes it would be a gazelle and an alligator. But wherever it was, I’d find it.
Are you involved in social media?
Sandler: I don’t tweet. We take care of our Internet stuff. Do you do it? We’ll watch what you tweet about us and see if you should keep doing it.


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