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Six Pack of Pop: Amy Smart, Carter Oosterhouse

August 21, 2013, Staff report,

TV host heads home to Michigan with actress wife to fire engines, root for Brad Keselowski

Self-proclaimed "eco-friendly carpenter" and HGTV host, Carter Oosterhouse, returned to his Pure Michigan roots last Sunday with his wife, actress Amy Smart. The celebrity couple served as grand marshals for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Michigan International Speedway.

In addition to talking about their Traverse City, Mich. winery, Bonobo, and supporting his foundation, Carter's Kids, the two talked about their favorite driver, favorite movies and more.


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What have you thought about your experience at Michigan International Speedway?

Amy Smart:  I’m really impressed. First of all, I can’t even believe you put this together in such, as you say, “organized chaos.” It’s amazing just seeing the number of people and the enthusiasm and just the energy. You can just get high on the energy of everyone’s excitement. I’m really looking forward to feeling the cars and their gush! We were lucky enough to go drive one of these pace cars right when we got here and that felt like a rollercoaster ride. So this is really impressive. I feel really grateful to have this experience.

What is your favorite movie?

Amy Smart: Probably artistically I would say “The Butterfly Effect” was the most challenging. But I think when I talk to people, their favorites are either “Varsity Blues” or “Just Friends.”

You have a movie currently in production. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Amy Smart: Sure, I did a film that comes out next year called “Single Moms Club” for all you moms. And dads. For both. It’s a Tyler Perry movie so it’s bound to have a lot of laughs and be a fun kind of upbeat, entertaining movie.

Who is your favorite race driver and why?

Amy Smart: Well, I’m going to have to say Tony Stewart, but he’s not here today so now I need a runner-up. I’ll vote for Michigan. I’m going for BK (Brad Keselowski).

Did you ever race a car by yourself, and if not, after the race, will you do so?

Carter Oosterhouse: I’ve actually raced at the Dover, Del. (International Speedway) Monster Mile there. You can get on that mile track, and I raced there a couple years back. So that was pretty much the extent of my racing in the NASCAR world, but I didn’t crash so that’s good, right? Maybe I’ll try again next year.

As a grand marshal, what are you looking forward to the most out here?

Carter Oosterhouse: As the grand marshal, I’m just trying to not make a mistake when I tell the drivers to start their engines. Being from Michigan, having such ties to Michigan and such love for Michigan, the whole idea that we’re here at a NASCAR event with the Pure Michigan campaign, which is completely going strong throughout the entire U.S. I live in California and spend most of my time there and seeing those advertisements is just something that’s really nice to see. Being here and being a part of this in the state that I grew up in and I have so much love for, I’m just proud and honored.


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