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Twitter crew: favorite NASCAR follows

January 17, 2014, Brad Norman,

These social media personalities engage, enlighten and entertain us

Brad Keselowski (@keselowski)

Perhaps the NASCAR godfather of social media, Keselowski's Twitter game has evolved since his on-track tweet during a red flag in the 2012 Daytona 500. He offers commentary on a variety of social issues, and isn't afraid to tackle big picture -- and controversial -- racing questions from his followers.


Kyle Busch (@KyleBusch)

Just like in real life, we enjoy the two sides of Busch on social media. He often does Q-and-A sessions while on long car trips (wife Samantha tweets the responses for him) and retweets fans who send him pictures in their KB gear. He's equally as fun when he's salty, too.


Mike Hoag (@mikehoag88)

Hoag might not be as well-known as others on this list, but as Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s road manager, no one has more access to NASCAR's most popular driver. That access comes through with tons of behind-the-scene images and video, and Hoag is also insightful when he's not tweeting about Junior.


Steve O'Donnell (@odsteve)

Want an inside look into NASCAR? Want to ask questions to one of the sport's leaders? NASCAR Executive Vice President Steve O'Donnell is one to follow. O'Donnell consistently interacts with fans and posts thoughts from the track. His tweets from the World Innovation Convention from France were insightful.


Ryan Blaney and Darrell Wallace Jr. (@RyanBlaney22, @BubbaWallace)

A Twitter list simply has to include Blaney and Bubba together. Like a Las Vegas comedy act, these two Camping World Truck Series drivers play off each other perfectly and deliver plenty of zingers to their fellow drivers -- and each other.


Jimmie Johnson (@JimmieJohnson)

Whether he's responding to his haters, handing out free swag or mockingly using the #BlameJJ hashtag for common slip-ups, Johnson is almost as good on Twitter as he is behind the wheel. And in what other sport will a six-time champ follow a new fan every week?


Kevin and DeLana Harvick (@Kevin Harvick, @DeLanaHarvick)

It's tough to separate this husband-and-wife tandem, so we won't. Kevin Harvick, while often sarcastic, is generously sending one of his Twitter followers to the Daytona 500 on his dime. DeLana Harvick holds a lengthy race-day chat every week and extensively quoted National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation" movie when the Harvick family moved into its motorhome following a house fire. Unfortunately, none of those gems are fit to print here.


Stewart-Haas Racing (@StewartHaasRcng)

With some of the sport's biggest personalities assembling at SHR, the official team account -- which offers unique off-track images and news on its drivers -- is a must-follow. This account spearheaded a massive social charge when Tony Stewart was injured (#SmokeWillRise, everyone), and we also enjoy when the circuit goes to New Hampshire, leading to tweets with a faux New England accent.


Denny Hamlin (@dennyhamlin)

Hamlin ignited his 2013 feud with Joey Logano with a few choice barbs on Twitter. We also enjoy his views on music, and won't hold against the driver his tweets on the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats. Our only wish is that he'd tweet more often.


Boris for JGR (@JoeGibbsRacing)

The official Joe Gibbs Racing account is perhaps the best follow on race day. Boris' updates on JGR drivers are frequent, and his knowledge of on-track strategies and trends is nearly unparalleled.


Clint Bowyer (@ClintBowyer)

Twitter is a perfect avenue for Bowyer's frenetic mind. His one-on-one dialogue with fans during the rare "Late Night Q&A with Clint Bowyer" sessions -- perhaps after the driver has tipped back a few beverages -- is an absolute treat. It was so raunchy earlier this year that all evidence has since been deleted.