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Danica talks Super Bowl commercial obstacles

January 27, 2014, Zack Albert,

Danica dishes on behind-the-scenes details of leaked GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial

Danica Patrick's advertisement with GoDaddy in this Sunday's Super Bowl has already leaked. Apparently, it was the only thing from the commercial you could say that about.

At Monday's kickoff session for the Sprint Media Tour presented by Charlotte Motor Speedway, Patrick said the bodybuilder suit she donned for the 30-second spot took four hours to get into. With all that time spent in costume, it created a curious occupational hazard.

"I was in the suit for seven hours. I didn't pee once," Patrick said. "This might be vivid, but they had a zipper down below and they gave me a funnel to put down there. I'm just going to say, couldn't do it. It wouldn't happen. It was like I was wearing clothes; it just felt wrong."

Patrick, by now a regular in the circus of Super Bowl advertisements, said she was up for the challenge, but didn't know how snug the muscle suit would be. The Stewart-Haas Racing driver said the tight fit hampered her circulation, explaining that her "arms felt like sausages by the end of it."

While the muscle suit gave the impression that Patrick fit in among her castmates, she said she wasn't ready to join the bodybuilding circuit any time soon. 

"I was very inquisitive about their workout regime and what they had to do," Patrick said. "At the end of the day, some people are just gifted to look like that. For me, it only took four hours."


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