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FOX Sports plans to alter new race graphics

February 19, 2014, Kenny Bruce,

Changes may be made in time for Thursday's Budweiser Duels

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The new-look graphics that debuted during Saturday night’s Sprint Unlimited will be altered, according to FOX officials, but whether those changes will be made in time for Thursday’s Budweiser Duel qualifying races is uncertain.
"The guys are hard at work making some tweaks that are probably going to adjust the screen layout a bit," FOX Sports president and COO Eric Shanks said Tuesday. "But hopefully still achieve the goal that we wanted, which is modernize the screen and get people the information that they want faster and in a more readable layout.
"You can expect some changes. I'm not quite sure if we'll have them for Thursday or have them for Sunday because there's quite a bit of work that needs to go into it. But yeah, we noticed some of the same things the fans did."

Instead of the horizontal scroll that had been used in the past to show the current running order of cars on the track, the new graphic was displayed on the right side of the screen. Information included the top three in the running order that did not change unless there was a position change, as well as a five-driver listing underneath that rotated through the remainder of the field.
"We clearly thought that the time had come to retire the old scroll because it just took forever for you to wait for your driver to come by and then you'd miss it and would have to wait literally a minute and a half before your driver would come by (again)," Shanks said.
"We wanted to do something that was a little bit more modern, a little more up-to-date and got you to the more significant information you wanted faster ... and maybe even show you more drivers, which is what led us to that vertical thing.
"We had a couple different options going in; this was one that we wanted to try. We had never watched a whole race with it in there. We had watched clips of race and we had framed for it differently. Some of the feedback was reasonable and was correct. I think it was some of the same things we saw when we watched it for the first time in the Unlimited."
• The overhead camera that was pulled from use following a broken tether at Charlotte Motor Speedway last year remains on the shelf, according to officials.
"I'm told we looking at alternatives in terms of a mobile camera but as far as a tethered or cable type camera, there are no plans at the moment," lead announcer Mike Joy said. "And FOX maintains a dialogue with NASCAR about this topic as it develops. But right now there is no ... plan for a cable-type camera."


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