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Guys and Gears: Behind the scenes with Tony Stewart

March 18, 2014,

Take a tour of the 'Smoke is the Bandit' Trans-Am, presented by Mobil 1

Welcome to the Guys and Gears series presented by Mobil 1. Each time a NASCAR person will bring you behind the scenes and give you a tour of something that they are working on that keeps them connected to the sport.

Today, Tony Stewart and Jeff Hammond show you the Pontiac Trans-Am featured in the "Smoke is the Bandit" video series starring Stewart as the Bandit and Hammond as Sheriff Buford T. Justice. Watch the video above for that tour, visit the Mobil 1 Facebook page and take a look at some of the other content pertaining to the popular video series presented by Mobil 1.'s Kenny Bruce was at Las Vegas Motor Speedway earlier this month when the Trans-Am was revealed, and he spoke to Stewart about his role as the Bandit. (Read that story here.)

Plus, the Off Track blog on has been keeping track of all the "Smoke is the Bandit" videos and will continue to do so for its entirety. (Read that blog and catch up on the videos here.)

Be sure to come back to the Mobil 1 Technology site in the coming weeks to see the next Guys and Gears video, and to read more technology-savvy content.