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Logano touches on Brad/Kurt Martinsville drama

April 04, 2014, Holly Cain,

Logano discusses why Brad and Kurt's contact and feud is just a part of NASCAR

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FORT WORTH, Texas – Joey Logano had strong feelings about NASCAR’s latest feud between his Penske Racing teammate Brad Keselowski and Stewart-Haas Racing driver Kurt Busch. What did Logano think of the pair's run-ins last week at Martinsville Speedway that culminated with angry accusations and threats of retaliation?

"At least it’s not me this time," Logano said laughing.

"Like I say all the time, we race against each other every week and eventually we’re gonna run into each other and eventually we’re gonna get aggravated with each other and it’s just how you reason with it and how you get over it.  

"Everyone has their own way of doing it and has different ways of doing it, but those guys are two championship race car drivers. They’ll figure out how to get over it and move on here fairly shortly, but that’s part of our sport and it’s cool. 

"It brings a lot of excitement to what’s going on here. I know Eddie Gossage likes it. I was waiting for the boxing gloves and the Kurt vs. Brad thing here, but that didn’t happen this week. But it’s part of our sport and I think it’s part of any sport. Those rivalries are there and it’s real.”

Keselowski tried to explain his take on the incident this week in a lengthy and well-written blog on his website: And he actually accepted blame for hitting Kasey Kahne on pit road which started the chain of events.

After colliding with Kahne, Keselowski was hit by Busch. And he still feels strongly, that even if that wasn’t entirely preventable, Busch could have at least minimalized the damage.

After getting body work done on his car in the garage, Keselowski returned the track and expressed his displeasure by banging doors – but not wrecking –Busch, who ultimately won the race.

"Moving ahead, as far as Kurt is concerned, my feeling is this: I got my message out." Keselowski wrote in the blog.

"What’s done is done. I’m ready to move on. Kurt controls what goes on from here. If he feels like he needs to do something else, that’s up to him."

Busch didn’t address the situation Friday, however his team owner Tony Stewart was asked about it by reporters.

"Why would I talk to him about it? It doesn’t make our cars go faster, it’s a waste of my time to do it and a waste of his time to do that. I have enough stuff to concentrate on trying to make four cars go fast to worry about the trivial stuff."


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