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Kyle Busch Q&A, Part 1: Why do triple duty?

May 28, 2014, Eric Johnson, Special for,

'Rowdy' talks tripleheader, likes and dislikes at the track

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Q: What are your goals for 2014?

My goals for 2014 … obviously you want to win championships whether we win championships in Sprint Cup, Nationwide or the Camping World Truck Series. That's our goal. To win all three, that would be awesome. To win just the Cup one, obviously that would be awesome in itself, but that's what we are out to do -- win a lot of races and championships.

Q: You often race upward of two to three times a weekend in NASCAR's three national series. Why?

I have a reputation that I'd race anything, anywhere, and I just like to race. That's what I grew up doing. I always grew up racing (on) Fridays and Saturdays. Whether it was legends cars, modifieds or late models. I was always racing, sometimes two divisions in a night. It was pretty fun, and I think that's why I just like to race so much. I think that's the reason that I race all three NASCAR divisions in one weekend now, is just to get out there and race as much as I can. I'd rather be out on the track than just sitting in the motor home. I feel like I can learn more by participating in the race than sitting there and watching it on TV. As you get older, sometimes things change in that respect, and your body can't handle that much stuff going on. But I'll keep doing it as long as I feel healthy enough to do it.


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Q: Is it hard to be so heavily involved in the sport both as a driver and a team owner?

Sometimes it's difficult to balance everything. It's not terrible, but being a driver and an owner -- definitely being an owner in the sport -- has taught me a lot more about what the sport's involvement is for the driver side and for the crew member side and everything else. It's definitely a crazy business. It's a challenging business, that's for sure. Juggling sponsor shirts or fire suits and helmets and all that stuff definitely gets complicated sometimes, but that's what we love to do.

Q: When you're at the races, what do you enjoy most?

I'd say I enjoy winning the most of course, but beyond that it's the competition. It's the best of the best, the best in the world in stock car auto racing. For me to be one of the top drivers is pretty cool and to go out there and try to win these big races and even compete for the championship is what it's all about.

Q: What do you enjoy the least?

I think what I enjoy the least about this sport is the politics of it, but also just the pure difficulty of it. You wish it was easier, but yet I think it's on the second side of the sword, it's fun in how difficult it all is. Whether it's the business side or whether it's just the pure racing side, I think I also just dislike wrecking and blowing up. Those are two of the worst things you can do, whether it's your own fault or whether it's anyone else's fault. It just sucks that you have issues that can happen to you like that and take you out of being able to compete in races.

Q: We all hear the old cliché about racers being most comfortable in the car. Is it true? When you are at a race, do you actually feel the most comfortable when you get in the car?

Yeah, of course I feel the most comfortable in the car, obviously that's what you grew up doing. It's what you were born to do or raised to do. You aren't necessarily raised to be a business guy or a sales guy with sponsors and then you become a race car driver. You are a race car driver, and you have to learn to do all the other things, too. You have to learn how to negotiate the media, educate the sponsors and work with team members and the rest of the processes that make the sport go around.

Q: Could you race Formula 1, and if so, why don't you?

I could probably race Formula 1 and why I don't is because no one has called me for a ride. If they did, I'd like to win a Cup Series championship first and then go on and do Formula 1, but I'm starting to get too old.


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