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Member of the Month: June

June 02, 2014,

Meet Josh, Official NASCAR Fan Council member of the month

Name: Josh

Current city: Branford, Connecticut

Hometown: Guilford, Connecticut

Member since: 2008


Q. Why did you join the Official NASCAR Fan Council? 

A: "To give my thoughts on what NASCAR should do with the sport I love."

Q. What comes to mind when you think of NASCAR? What’s your favorite NASCAR memory?

A: "Family. I don’t have a specific favorite memory, but just all the fun I have had going to at least one race per year since 1994."

Q: Do you have a favorite in any of the following categories?

A. Driver: "Dale Jr."
A. Track: "To go to: New Hampshire. To watch on TV: Richmond"
A. Memorabilia: "A Toyota Nationwide Champions hat from when Kyle Busch won that championship in 2009"

Q: If you could go to any NASCAR race/track, where would you go?

A: "Bristol, because it’s Bristol.  I want to go to every track at some point in my life."

Q: Tell us about your family. Do you have children and/or pets?

A: "Single, and no pets."

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: "Other than watch NASCAR and all types of motorsports I like to run and go to concerts."

Q: What’s your dream car?

A: "An older Ford Mustang, not sure which year though"

From all of us at nascar, we thank JOSH for hIS continued support and look forward to hearing from hIM in 2014!