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Apron project delayed at Indianapolis

June 25, 2014, Staff report,

More tests wanted for possible 8-foot addition

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The apron to be added at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for its annual NASCAR races will not be in place for next month's event weekend as originally planned.


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Track officials have delayed the project, which would place an 8-foot-wide apron below the while line in each corner in order to give stock cars more room in which to pass. According to The Indianapolis Star, NASCAR wanted more time to study how the apron would affect racing at the Brickyard. Construction was slated to start June 9, and the apron was to be in place by the time Nationwide and Sprint Cup cars race at the Brickyard on July 26-27.

"They asked if we could postpone (it) so they could test it," track president Doug Boles told the Star. "We said, 'That makes sense; we understand that.' "

Pocono Raceway also recently added an extended apron to the inside of its second turn, but in the race there earlier this month drivers did not use it as a passing area. That makes 2003 NASCAR Cup champion Matt Kenseth wonder how effective the planned Indy apron might be.

"I think the way it's laid out, you can get the left front down on that flat a little bit, you can stay above and be up on the banking if you are loose and you need to tighten your car up a little bit. I don't know that paving more underneath that would really change the racing at all if it's flat if there's no banking to it," Kenseth said. "I don't think it would make any difference, to be honest with you. I understand why they do it, but there's a lot of talk about that extra pavement at Pocono, and the only thing that was really good for was if you blew up or something you could get off the track and coast around. There's no way you could race on it. I'm not sure that adding any pavement to the inside of the corners if it was flat would make much difference."


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