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RaceView Audio: Ride along with the No. 88 team

June 08, 2014, Staff report,

Dale Jr., Letarte and Majors work together for the win

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. earned his second win of the season and first at Pocono Raceway on Sunday. It was a team effort for the No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports driver and crew, and RaceView Audio subscribers heard all of their communications.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Be safe on pit road. We'll have a good day.

Lap 5
(The No. 88 car's temperatures rose as debris collected on his grille)
Earnhardt Jr.: 260 (degrees) and climbing.
Steve Letarte: Keep an eye on it if it keeps going up…Probably 280 we need to start looking.

Lap 9 (Earnhardt Jr. got behind Tony Stewart, attempting to clean his grille.)
Letarte: I can see his bumper cam. It came off…
Earnhardt Jr.: It's coming down.

Lap 10

Earnhardt Jr.:
We need to work on it turning better the first half of the corner.

Lap 71
Earnhardt Jr.: Real edgy in the back on new tires.

Lap 78
Earnhardt Jr. to his spotter:
You don't need to tell me I'm clear of the 17. He's a… football field behind me. More information than I need.

Lap 87
Earnhardt Jr.:
Thank you HMS power!
Letarte: Looks pretty.

Lap 96
All right man, that 11's the leader. We're second.

Lap 101
Still edgy off, is that our biggest problem?
Earnhardt Jr.: Not deep in the run, but to start off with.... I wouldn't [mess] with it.

Lap 103
Great work. One stop from here.

Lap 119 (Fifth caution)
All right buddy, we're going to stay out because we can make it to our window. I bet everyone else is going stay out too.

Lap 119
There's a bunch of people staying out here. That's exactly what we needed.

Lap 120
Earnhardt Jr.:
Can we get to that window pretty easy?
Letarte: We can get there real easy. The 2 is pretty close. The 11 might be able to make it with this caution.

Lap 121
Letarte: All this fuel you're saving is just helping our pit stop.

Lap 129
Earnhardt Jr.:
How many til we run out?
Letarte: We're really good. At least three more laps.

Lap 131
We're going to come this time. This is our lap.

Lap 133
This will be the run to the finish. We were shorter than I thought. I'm not sure if we can make it.

Lap 138 (Sixth caution)
Come on down and get some gas. You're doing a good job.

Lap 144 (Seventh caution)
We obviously are going to stay out here.

Lap 145
This is probably going to be a minute. Get yourself a cool drink while you're riding around.

Lap 148
All right. There will be 12 to go when you take the green. Looking good Dale.

Lap 150
You got this, buddy.

Lap 151
Letarte: Looking good, bud. 9 to go.

Lap 154
Keep pushing, bud. (Brad Keselowski has) got a big piece of trash on the grille, and they're screaming temps.

Lap 156
Alright buddy, four to go.
Earnhardt Jr.: I got temps too.
Letarte: Ignore 'em.

Lap 159
OK, buddy. One more. One to go.

Checkered flag
T.J. Majors:
Good run, bud. You got it.
Letarte: Pocono winner.
Earnhardt Jr.:
We didn't have the best car, but you did a good job. Finally won here. It took so long. It sucks Brad had to do that. Damn.... Par-tay!
All right. Do a good (donut) now!


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