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NASCAR official: 'Games' must go on restarts

August 23, 2014, Brad Norman,

David Hoots warns drivers, sets competition caution lap

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BRISTOL, Tenn.-- Drivers were warned to stop the "games" on restarts during Saturday's driver's meeting, which took place approximately 2 1/2 hours before the Irwin Tools Night Race (7:30 p.m. ET, ABC) was scheduled to begin.


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"Cut out all the games you've been playing on restarts," NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Managing Event Director David Hoots said. "Restart the race properly. You guys know how to do it right."
In also announcing a competition caution on Lap 60, Hoots' comments came one day after Kyle Busch voiced his frustrations following the final restart in Friday's NASCAR Nationwide Series race.
Busch was in the lead with seven laps to go, but finished second after Ryan Blaney chugged past him on the low line on the final restart of the night. Busch's contention was that Blaney was going faster than Busch, who as the control car determines when to accelerate out of caution speed.
"The leader is at the biggest disadvantage on restarts," Busch said. "I know when I want to go but everybody else is pushing me. My rear tires aren't on the ground and you can't go anywhere. … It's stupid. NASCAR doesn't police it so everybody keeps jacking around on it, and you know one of these days I'm just going to lock all four down and stack the whole field up."
To that end, Hoots reiterated this was an issue drivers could correct among themselves.
"We don't want to micromanage these restarts," he said. "Let's do it right, let's do it like we know you can."


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