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In-car audio: Letarte's parting gift to Dale Jr.

August 03, 2014, Staff report,

Dale Jr., Letarte and Majors work together for the Pocono sweep

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. earned his third win of the season with a sweep of Pocono Raceway on Sunday. It was a team effort for the No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports driver and crew, and RaceView Audio subscribers heard all of their communications.

See how the day played out for the new leader in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Grid, find out what crew chief Steve Letarte's parting gift will be for Dale Jr. at Lap 127, read how spotter T.J. Majors helped his driver stay ahead on the final restart and subscribe to RaceView Audio to listen to every team in every national series race. Click here for more information.


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Steve Letarte:
Alright bud, 160 laps. Nice and efficient down there; we'll be efficient up here. Should be a fun day.

LAP 30
Keep saving. I think we're going to pit, but keep saving. Just helping my options here.

LAP 32
You know the deal, man. All these strategies will come out in the wash about 100 laps from now.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Yeah. You do your thing. I can't count. I ain't got the math in here.
Letarte: 10-4, I've got you.

LAP 53
We're gonna restart. We're gonna run 10 or 11. Then we'll see you on pit road.

LAP 93
Come on down here bud, we're going to put four tires on it.

LAP 107
I need you to just start thinking about fuel. Start saving every lap. We'll need a few yellows so start saving. The 22 (Joey Logano), 24 (Jeff Gordon) and us are in the same boat. We're only racing the 11 (Denny Hamlin) on a different strategy.

LAP 117
Watch for debris, and we're really going to make our strategy work.

LAP 120
I've got a plan. Just trying to figure out with all this math what's the best plan! T.J., I need to know how many are pitting. Guys it's either going to be two or four tires, I'll let you know.

LAP 122
I didn't know if you had a fifth or sixth speed there -- something you were hiding on me.
Earnhardt Jr.: I'll just try to do my best.
Letarte: That's what we're all doing, buddy!

LAP 124
Every lap we run just brings us closer to what we're looking for. The 41 (Kurt Busch) is my concern, he needs a little less gas. Just do what you always do and we'll race her out!

LAP 127
Alright, you've been right all these years. I'm going to move those switches because my right arm looks tired just watching you. That's going to be my midsummer present before the Chase.
Earnhardt Jr.: Your parting gift.
Letarte: Haha, my parting gift will be that.

LAP 139
Earnhardt Jr.:
It's not as easy to pass them as it is to be faster than them.
Letarte: You're driving a great race, man. It's working. Strategy is working either way.

LAP 140
Earnhardt Jr.:
It's not as easy to pass them as you might think.  
Letarte: 10-4, we got a good strategy too.

LAP 142
I hope these races are fun to drive because man, they're fun to call! There's an opportunity to do a lot of things here.
T.J. Majors: Getcha a good restart, I'll let you know where you're at. Go get 'em, man!

LAP 145
Majors: Clear, clear, clear, clear, clear! (As Earnhardt Jr. takes the lead)

LAP 152
Looking good, bud.

LAP 155
Watching the law of averages, I’d pick the top line. But I’m not the one driving. I understand if you disagree.

LAP 157
When you get the green, it'll be three to go!

LAP 158
4 (Kevin Harvick) gained on you there, roll the middle a little bit better. You're actually puling him a bit, one back.

Well bud, let's put a sticker on the door. Checkered flag.
Letarte: That's what you call a Pocono sweep!
Earnhardt Jr.: Y'all did awesome! Celebrate! Y'all earned this one. Not lucky this time. Good job!
Earnhardt Jr.: Man, they were pretty quick back there behind me.
Majors: Yeah, they were there!


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