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Sprint Cup Series

Postseason format discussed for XFINITY, Truck series

NASCAR Executive Vice President and Chief Racing Development Officer Steve O'Donnell confirmed Monday on SiriusXM that the sanctioning body is having "conversations in the garage" about the possibility of a Chase-style format in the NASCAR XFINITY Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.


A post from the NASCAR Fan Council circulated on social media late last week in which those on the council were asked for feedback on an XFINITY Series-specific idea in which 12 drivers would advance to a seven-race postseason.

"We certainly have talked to a lot of people who would have a keen interest if we were to go that route," O'Donnell said on SiriusXM. "Getting their feedback, what do they think of the concept, how they think it plays out in the Sprint Cup Series and how that would work both at the XFINITY and Truck level. We're going to continue to do that in Miami.


"If we do make any changes, obviously they would come in the offseason. I would confirm we are having those discussions in the industry. If we continue to see some positives, that may be a direction we choose to go to."


O'Donnell also addressed reports that the sanctioning body may consider limiting the number of starts a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver makes in the other two national series.


"At no time have we gone out and said, 'Hey, we're looking to ban Cup drivers,' " he said. "I think what we have looked at is, how does it play out in the competitive landscape of each series? A lot of it has to do with, are we enabling the young drivers to showcase their talents and giving them the best opportunity to move up the ranks, if they have the ability to do so?


"There's a lot of different opinions. We are looking at some things, partly around if you go to a different championship format, could you look at some of those events potentially as just XFINITY or Truck drivers only. Not anywhere near making a call on that yet, but we certainly hear the fans. I'd say (fans) are more vocal now in terms of Cup drivers not participating as much as they are."

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