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Sprint Cup Series

Dale Jr. on offseason: 'We're going to go testing'

JUNIOR: 'I wish dad were here' | 'Being in the car is what I'm supposed to do'


Dale Earnhardt Jr. discussed Monday -- one day into the 2016 NASCAR offseason -- his plans to get back inside the race car on the Dirty Mo Radio podcast.


"We're going to go testing this offseason," he said. "Obviously I need to get in a race car. I'd love to get in a car and go run a little bit somewhere just to shake the rust off and get some confidence. I can do the basics before we ever go to Daytona.

"We'll go do that sometime this offseason. We have to squeeze it in there somewhere because I'm getting married and have my honeymoon, and I have to certainly devote proper time to (fiancée) Amy (Reimann).

"But it'll be no problem. … All signs point to us being in the car for Daytona."


The Hendrick Motorsports wheelman, who was sidelined for 18 Sprint Cup Series races this year due to a concussion, has not stepped inside his No. 88 Chevrolet since July. 


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Following the July race at Kentucky Speedway, Jeff Gordon (eight races) and Alex Bowman (10 races) took turns wheeling his Chevrolet to complete the team's season.


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