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'Overtime line' part of tweaked G-W-C procedure

FAST FACTS: 2016 procedural changes | New Charter system

Among the competition changes NASCAR announced Thursday afternoon is a tweaked green-white-checkered flag system for all three national series.

Each track will feature an "overtime line" for the 2016 season, the location of which will vary by facility.

After taking the green flag on an overtime restart, the leader must pass the overtime line before a potential caution flag were to come out for the attempt to be considered a clean restart. If there is a clean restart, it will be a valid green-white-checkered attempt.

If the caution flag comes before the leader passes the overtime line on the first lap under green, it is not considered a valid attempt. A subsequent attempt at a green-white-checkered restart would then occur; if necessary, multiple attempts will be made until there is a clean restart.

Once a valid attempt (clean restart) happens, it is the only attempt at a green-white-checkered finish. If a caution flag occurs during a valid green-white-checkered attempt, that marks the end of the race. Vehicles would be scored as they cross the start/finish line under caution.

Previously, there was a maximum of three attempts at a green-white-checkered finish. NASCAR also reduced the number of G-W-C attempts at Talladega last year for the October race to one in an effort to balance an exciting finish with safety for all competitors.

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