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Steve Letarte's RacingJobs.com matches talent to race teams

Steve Letarte

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CHARLOTTE -- RacingJobs.com, a new innovative website for matching race teams with employees, was launched this week by Steve Letarte, the NBC Sports NASCAR booth analyst who scored 15 victories as a crew chief for Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. (including a 2014 Daytona 500 triumph).

Using a smart, searchable database that creates anonymous but detailed online profiles for prospective racing employees, race teams can fill needed positions based on desired qualifications such as education, work experience, skill sets and pay scale.

"The response from the industry is clear," Letarte said. "Race teams are excited for RacingJobs.com and the service it provides in helping them find the right candidates for the right job."

RacingJobs.com won't be limited in its scope.

Every job that is necessary in the competition side of auto racing -- from pit crews to road crews to race shops, from engineers to interior mechanics to fabricators -- will be available to be filled by a talent pool that will represent every series, from NASCAR to drag racing to IndyCar.

Race teams can search based on potential openings, ensuring that the prospective employees' education, experience and proficiency are commensurate with the job's qualifications.

A list of potential candidates is populated off the search, and the race team winnows the list to the best matches. RacingJobs.com then emails prospects on that filtered list to provide contact information and instructions for reaching the race team -- keeping candidates anonymous until they decide to pursue an opportunity.

Because individuals are the foundation to any successful company, RacingJobs.com streamlines the hiring model for the racing industry.

In keeping the profiles anonymous, all prospective employees are on equal ground, and the barriers to entry in a tough job market are reduced. Instead of a search based solely on "who you know" or word-of-mouth networking, having the desired qualifications and correct skill sets will earn consideration on their own merits.

"I created RacingJobs.com to improve the hiring process in motorsports," Letarte said. "This project has been several months in the making, and I'm excited about the site going live and making a positive impact in the industry."

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