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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series

Harvick recounts 2002 WWE-style dust-up with Biffle at Bristol

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Everyone knows that with short tracks come short tempers.


Kevin Harvick, the 2014 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion, knows this as well as any other driver. He recounted a particularly vibrant run-in with a typically mild-mannered Greg Biffle at Bristol Motor Speedway back in 2002 on his "Happy Hours" SiriusXM radio program Tuesday night.


With Bristol set to host races once again this weekend and Harvick slated to run Sunday's Food City 500 (2 p.m. ET, FOX, PRN, SiriusXM) co-host Matt Yocum brought up the raucous event that occurred in the XFINITY Series between a wispy-goateed Harvick and Biffle, who was running for a title at the time. (He later went on to win it that season.)


"You're sitting there with your arms crossed, big smile on your face and everybody knows what you're going to do," Yocum said. "As soon as that race is over, it was like off the top rope, Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka, flying across the deck lid."

Harvick had been wrecked by Biffle late in the race and waited for Biffle on pit road -- while the race was finishing up -- and had a "chat" with the former Roush Fenway Racing driver once he parked his car.

Perhaps inspired by Wrestlemania X8, which aired less than a week prior to the incident, Harvick performed perhaps the most unique maneuver in a scrum that NASCAR has seen throughout its rich history of post-race dust-ups.

"Well, I can tell you this. Everybody didn't know what I was going to do while I was standing on that pit box like I was, because I don't even think that I knew I was going to hurdle a car," Harvick said. "But, you know, I'm pissed.

"I'm sitting up on that pit box and I don't know why, but when you're 25 you feel like you have to make a scene out of everything and at that particular point I felt like I needed to make a scene out of everything and you're trotting down pit road and you're like 'I'm getting there, I'm getting there ... now what am I going to do?' Just the first instinct was to leap from the wall, over the deck lid and off the top rope. I had Biffle by the collar and I didn't know what to do from that particular point because it was a big mosh pit."

Before Harvick could decide what to do, it was decided for him.

"I'll never forget the fact that, I think it was the jackman who was also the pit crew coach and I can't remember his name, but he was the biggest dude I've ever seen on pit road and he just comes through this sea of people and was knocking people out of the way and he grabbed me by the collar and dragged me out like I'm 2 (years old). It may have been fun for the fans, but man I got my butt chewed in that big red trailer after that. They were not happy with me. ... Yeah, I lost (my mind.)"

Just shy of a decade later, the pair mixed it up again, this time at Martinsville.



Short tracks, man. They'll getcha.


On that note, be sure to tune in Sunday to see some great racing action ... and whatever else may come along with it.

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