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Hall of Fame Class of 2010

May 22, 2013,

Inducted, May 23, 2010: Dale Earnhardt, Bill France Sr., Bill France Jr., Junior Johnson, Richard Petty

The first class in the NASCAR Hall of Fame was inducted the day after the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race less than two weeks after the Hall of Fame's opening.

The first five members included two members of the sport's founding family, the only two seven-time Cup champions and one of the sport's earliest superstars.

Dale Earnhardt

As Dale Earnhardt’s black No. 3 grew larger in some unsuspecting leader’s rearview mirror, so did the legend of The Intimidator. Earnhardt’s passionate all-or-nothing driving style -- and modest everyman background -- made him a fast fan favorite. His dominance didn’t hurt, either. | Read full story | Watch the video

Bill France Sr.

William Henry Getty France was called "Big Bill," and only partly because of his 6-foot-5 stature. He was larger than life it seemed, during the years of founding, then building, a sport. In the years since his 1992 death, his legend has grown, along with the sport. | Read full story | Watch the video

Bill France Jr.

William Clifton France is remembered -- and revered -- as the man who followed his visionary father at NASCAR’s helm, in the process becoming a visionary himself, as he guided NASCAR to unprecedented levels of popularity. | Read full story | Watch the video

Junior Johnson

Robert Glenn "Junior" Johnson is unique in NASCAR history, with tremendous success both as a driver and a car owner. Johnson won the second annual Daytona 500 in 1960 and in the process, became credited with the discovery of "drafting" on the massive superspeedways. | Read full story | Watch the video

Richard Petty

Petty's records are staggering: most wins (200), most poles (123), tied for most championships (seven), most wins in a season (27), most Daytona 500 wins (seven), most consecutive wins (10) and most starts (1,185). Petty's success continued even after his retirement from driving in 1992. | Read full story | Watch the video