Alyssa Milano sets sights on NASCAR

June 18, 2013, Kristen Boghosian,

Actress to expand women's sports attire to racing

Photo by Lloyd Bishop/NBC


In an interview with Jimmy Fallon Monday night, actress Alyssa Milano announced her clothing line, Touch, will make its way to NASCAR. Built on the idea that women should be able to support their teams without sacrificing fashion or fit, "Touch by Alyssa Milano" is currently sold with MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA teams.

"It's all flattering, fashionable -- you know, because I would go into stadium shops and I could never find anything cute that fit my body or that wasn't pink," Milano told the host of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

"It's one of my most proudest accomplishments, because it started out as this little idea that I had, and now I can actually wear it ... Now I'm doing NASCAR. It's so cool."

See what Milano had to say below, starting at the 1:45 mark -- and stay tuned to see what Touch brings to NASCAR.