Keselowski celebrates 30th birthday in New York City

February 12, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Former Sprint Cup champion hits the Big Apple for media tour

Brad Keselowski was on hand in New York City on Wednesday -- which, coincidentally, happens to be his 30th birthday -- for a slew of media appearances.

The 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion kicked off his day with a stop by the set of "Live with Kelly and Michael." The episode will air Friday, Feb. 21.

From there, he hit the "Dan Patrick Show" at 10:30 a.m. ET and has scheduled spots on Jim Rome's radio show (1:03 p.m. ET), Shepard Smith (3:30 p.m. ET, FOX News) and Dagen McDowell (To air Thursday, FOX Business).

Some of the dialogue between Keselowski and Mike Heller, who was filling in for Patrick:

Mike Heller: How does Brad Keselowski celebrate his birthday in New York City?

Brad Keselowski: Well, talking to the Dan Patrick Show. Obviously.

MH: And Dan's not even here.

BK: I know it's not the birthday I thought it was going to be. No, I'm going to have some fun tonight and toss a few back. We're going to relax, but got to work, man. You know how it is.

MH: Are you 30 years old now?

BK: I am. Well, no, actually it's the anniversary of my 29th birthday.

MH: You can turn 30 as a man. It's not really an issue, and it's not old on the NASCAR circuit, is it? What is your prime when you're a driver?

BK: That's a great question because it's something that's talked about a lot in this sport. Most drivers hit their prime around 32, 33 years old so I guess I do have that going for me, but that doesn't mean I like being older.

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