Keselowski explains Martinsville, Busch feud

April 04, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Team Penske driver discusses run-in with a fellow hard-nosed competitor

Every time the Sprint Cup Series heads to Martinsville Speedway, tension is thick, emotions run high and hurt feelings are typically not in short supply.

This was more than evident last Sunday at the Virginia short track, seeing tempers run rampant between a pair of former Cup champions in Brad Keselowski and former teammate Kurt Busch. The duo had issues on pit road after Busch slammed into the No. 2 Ford of Keselowski, who was trying to avoid further damage after hitting Kasey Kahne.

Both drivers -- each elite in the categories of driving skill and speaking their mind -- spent time during post-race interviews verbally sparring, with jabs coming in the form of Keselowski tongue-in-cheekly thanking Busch for actions that led to the Team Penske driver's 38th-place finish and conversely seeing Busch -- the eventual race-winner -- calling their run-in on pit road a 'punk-ass move'.

With both Keselowski and Busch picking up a win early in the season, it's possible that we haven't seen the end of this feud. Each is a virtual lock to make this year's Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, where they will be directly fighting for victories as the season draws to a close this fall.

For now, though, Keselowski is determined to put what happened at Martinsville to bed. But he's not about to roll over.

Keselowski has recently been blogging about hot topics -- such as his old feud with Ford stablemate Carl Edwards, another of the season's six winners -- and touched on Martinsville, Busch and how he's going to approach the rest of the season in his latest entry.

A year removed from winning the championship, Keselowski missed last year's Chase, but he appears determined to regain the sort of assertive attitude on the race track that helped rein in his first title to begin with.

Some highlights included:

"Still, when I look back at 2012 -- the year I won the championship -- I had a lot of run-ins. I made some people mad, but I also drew a line in the sand and said, 'I’m here.'” 

"I wasn’t afraid to fight off controversy. I wasn’t afraid to put my neck out there on the line a little bit, and go for it. I wasn’t afraid to show people that this is where I’m at, this is my passion, this is what I do and who I am, and I’m going to be the best at it."

"I don’t believe in intentionally wrecking anyone, so that wasn’t going to happen. But I wanted to communicate a message. And not just to him."

"Moving ahead, as far as Kurt is concerned, my feeling is this: I got my message out. What’s done is done. I’m ready to move on. Kurt controls what goes on from here. If he feels like he needs to do something else, that’s up to him."

To read Keselowski's full post, head over to

And be sure to tune in this weekend for the Duck Commander 500 at Texas Motor Speedway (Monday, noon ET, FOX) and the rest of the season to see if things continue to escalate between the drivers as the summer heats up.