Keselowski talks off-track wrecks, 2014 changes

February 17, 2014, Taylor Starer,

Driver answered fan-submitted questions in 'Ask Bad Brad' segment 

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Brad Keselowski took to the "Live with Kelly and Michael" talk show Monday morning to chat with the hosts on a broad range of topics. 

The morning show even held a segment called "Ask Bad Brad," where viewers submitted questions the hosts would ask the driver. 

Keselowski spoke about his time as a young driver and the moment when he finally felt as if he had made it in the NASCAR world.

"I had this one really key moment where I had run a race in Memphis, Tennessee, and I didn't win, but I was really close, it was one of those letdown moments where I didn't know if I was gonna make it," Keselowski said. "So I got on an airplane and I got this phone call from Dale Earnhardt Jr., but I was on the plane so I couldn't answer it, so he left me this voicemail that said he wanted me on his race team, and my career took off." 

Keselowski also touched on the improvements Team Penske has made going into the 2014 season.

"We ended up bringing in an athletic director from a college to come in and try to coach us up a little bit better," Keselowski said. "So he's gonna work on me and the whole pit crew and it's going to be a big gain for us."

Being that one of the hosts, Michael Strahan, is a retired NFL player and Hall of Fame inductee, he was able to relate to the idea of coaching pit crews as athletes as Keselowski explained the process.

"We can teach a mechanic to work on a car pretty easily, but we want to teach an athlete to work on a car because then they can do both," Keselowski said. "They can do great pit stops and work on the car."

Although Keselowski's skills on the track are commendable, his everyday driving seems to need some work. The Michigan native explained to Kelly Ripa and Strahan that his friends don't think his driving skills off the track are very good.

Keselowski detailed how he totaled a Ford Shelby Mustang by crashing into a light pole and later having to pay a hefty fine of $20,000 to replace the pole.

"They don't charge me when I wreck race cars, but apparently they charge me when I wreck light poles," Keselowski joked. 

During the "Ask Bad Brad" segment, a viewer asked which retired driver he would have liked to race with, and the answer was simple. 

"My dad raced before me and I never got the chance to race with him," Keselowski said. "I would have loved the chance to rub on my dad, just once, for old times' sake. Hit him from behind, maybe spin him out. Not wreck him -- just spin him out."

As drivers prepare for the upcoming Daytona 500 on Feb. 23, fans are encouraged to submit their own version of the drafting that so famously appears at Daytona International Speedway. 

The TV hosts even got in on the act: 

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