Keselowski explains what drivers do during delays

April 25, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Team Penske driver also blogs about why it's dangerous to drive in rain

With so much on-track activity this season affected by rainfall, drivers across all NASCAR series have had to deal with a lot of downtime during delays. Naturally, it begs the question -- what exactly do drivers do during said delays?

Luckily we have expert blogger Brad Keselowski to fill us in. The 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion recently took to his website to give us all the details about what he and some of the other drivers do to pass the time.

"Our sport isn't really made for people to sit around and wait. A lot of times during delays, you wind up walking over and catching up with another driver. I sometimes wind up chatting with Carl Edwards because being cooped up drives him crazy. He'll get out of the bus and walk around in the rain.

"During a rain delay, the garage stall is blocked off. So what you're left with is about 20 people, give or take, who are all fighting for space in the 53-foot trailer of the team hauler. … There's guys laying on the ground. It becomes very much like what I imagine it would be like if you were in the Navy, and stuck on a ship together."

If you've ever been around the garage area before a race, you know how good the food being grilled is, even if you can only smell it. Just imagine how quickly it goes when there's nothing else to do but eat.

"All of the food is usually gone within the first few hours. It's like a series of locusts come through. Everything gets eaten. There's also a lot of napping. You're trying to store energy so you can use it later. Beyond that, you get iPhone and video game playing, cards, that sort of thing." 

When iPhone batteries die, however, that's when things get real.

"Some guys will take the time to talk about their family life -- girlfriends or wives -- and maybe vent on that scenario, which can be good (or not so good). It's a forced bonding experience. Without the rain, everybody is so busy working that you don't really talk to each other outside of work duties. So in a way, it becomes kind of a group therapy session."

And of course, the pranking.

"Then there's the pranking. When you've got a lot of time to kill, you wind up with a lot of practical jokes. We've got one guy on our team -- our tire guy, Jim Davis -- who loves to take those opportunities to pull pranks on people. J.D. is the type of guy that you don't fall asleep around."

Keselowski continued on in his blog on how, despite his wreck at Road Atlanta in 2011 being 'pretty hairy' and resulting in a broken ankle, racing in the rain at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Canada, was the most scared he's ever been.

So even if rain delays can get a little boring and make drivers stir crazy, at least they aren't out there on the track putting themselves at serious risk.

Read Keselowski's full post on his website,