Dale Jr.: Cardboard Rodeo star in-the-making?

December 09, 2013, Pat DeCola,

Dale Jr. teams up with extreme sports filmmaker to put on backyard dirt track show

With $15 in his pocket and nothing on the to-do list, leave it to Dale Earnhardt Jr. to make the most of a beautiful late autumn day in North Carolina.

And leave it to Devin Graham, also known as Devinsupertramp, to inject a little excitement, a little danger, and a lot of fun into it. The pair teamed up to introduce the world to "Cardboard Rodeo", a new high-speed extreme sport that tows around (recklessly willing) participants on rides that range from a cardboard refrigerator box to a Power Wheels Jeep.

"I invited these guys out here on the property and we're having a lot of fun on the dirt track with the racers and the magic carpet ride and any kind of ideas you guys can come up with," said Earnhardt in a behind-the-scenes YouTube video shown below. "…just pulling everybody around the racetrack and throwing some people off, having some fun."

While it's hard to endorse such a dangerous pastime, I'd be lying if I said it didn't look like a (Rubbermaid) bucketful of fun.

The day took place at Junior's home, which features a dirt track, desolate Old Western town recreation and a paintball field. Naturally, all were utilized.

Unfortunately, there's no word yet if Earnhardt will be featuring a Malibu Barbie paint scheme on his Chevrolet SS at some point in 2014, but time will tell.

"This is a unique way of utilizing my dirt track experience, I'll say that. This has been a lot of fun. We come up with a lot of fun stuff to do around here, but this is outside the box."

Well, technically, it's on top of the box, but who's counting?