Dale Jr. presents sponsor with 'super' honor

June 12, 2014, Staff report,

Junior inducts National Guard into Superman Hall of Heroes

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has had National Guard as one of his primary sponsor since he came to Hendrick Motorsports for the 2008 Sprint Cup Series season.

He also ran a National Guard/Superman paint scheme at Charlotte last month and is running the same paint scheme this weekend at Michigan.

So it was only fitting that Dale Jr. inducted his long-time sponsor into the Superman Hall of Heroes.

"Inducting the National Guard into the Hall of Heroes just seemed like a natural fit," Earnhardt said. The Superman Hall of Heroes is a place where you can go online to and induct someone or something or a group of people that you believe truly represents what a hero stands for. And the Guard, our military fighting for us everyday and protecting our country and our freedoms, represents that to a T."

Earnhardt takes great pride and responsibility in representing his sponsor well.

"I take a lot of responsibility in representing them and trying to represent them well, trying to help people understand the opportunities that the Guard can deliver and trying to help people understand more about serving in the Guard and what that entails so that they may be able to make that choice for themselves."

Watch the video below to see clips of Earnhardt Jr. presenting members of the National Guard with the honor.