Danica Patrick's fire suit to be decided via fan vote

February 04, 2014, Pat DeCola,

New sponsor runs promo to allow fans to pick outfit at Las Vegas

Thanks to new sponsor Aspen Dental, fans will have a say in picking Sprint Cup Series driver Danica Patrick's fire suit at the upcoming Las Vegas Motor Speedway race on March 9.

"Alright fans, this is your chance to pick my outfit," Patrick said in a promotional video released by the sponsor. "Do you like the blue or the white?"

The video also shows Patrick modeling both versions of her Aspen Dental suit, while also explaining that one lucky fan has the chance to take home her outfit after the race.

"I love photoshoots. They're probably my favorite days that I do outside of the car," she said. "I like getting made up. I like doing the photos. I like the creativity of it. I like to look at the shots and try and make it right. Everything from lighting to makeup, it's all very important. And that's a lot of fun for me."

Click here to vote on which suit Patrick we'll be wearing when we see her at Vegas.