Stenhouse, Patrick 'debate' Sprint Fan Vote

May 02, 2013, Kristen Boghosian,

NASCAR couple makes light of competition for Sprint Fan Vote

Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. haven't been shy about their relationship since going public with it in January. Thursday, they went even more public with it in a YouTube video centering around the Sprint Fan Vote., the signature lime green sponsor of the No. 10 car, posted a video titled "What would you do if Danica Patrick was your girl?" It features Patrick and Stenhouse sitting in a trailer as Danica explains how to vote for her -- and the resulting pout when boyfriend Ricky asks why he shouldn't vote for himself.

His question is a fair one: This year's vote to get a spot in the Sprint All-Star Race is unusually close, with (alphabetically) AJ AllmendingerJeff Burton, Bill Elliott, Bobby Labonte, Jamie McMurrayJuan Pablo Montoya, Patrick, Stenhouse Jr., Martin Truex Jr. and Michael Waltrip leading the field.

We'll let you watch the video to see whether the No. 17 driver takes the good boyfriend or the good competitor route, but don't miss the adorable framed photo of the power couple to the left of Danica's shoulder.

Looks like they've found out how to use the relationship for their competitive benefit. Vote for Patrick, Stenhouse or whichever driver you chose as often as you want until 5 p.m. EDT on May 18 here or with the NASCAR Mobile '13 app. Votes on the app count twice.



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