Ragan family welcomes baby girl

June 12, 2014, Staff report,

Front Row Motorsports driver and wife welcome new born daughter, Julia

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David Ragan and his wife, Jacquelyn, have welcomed their first child, Julia, into the world. Their daughter was born on Wednesday.

Ragan had a driver on standby last week at Pocono as Jacquelyn was expecting their first child. He did not need Mike Bliss to fill in for him as he recorded his best 2014 finish, an 18th-place result at the 2.5-mile track.

According to Front Row Motorsports, Ragan will fly to Michigan on Friday morning and arrive in time for the day's first practice at 11 a.m. ET.

In a press release looking ahead to this weekend's races at Michigan, Ragan talked about his hopes for a big family.

"I hope we can have a big family someday, and hopefully I can say I'm as a good of a role model and teacher as my dad has been."

Ragan's dad, Ken, was a Cup driver and also the son of a racer. Ken Ragan started 50 Cup races in his career.