Marathon training: Quiroga week 2

September 19, 2013, German Quiroga,

Quiroga feels the intensity as he trains for his marathon in November

I hope you all have had a great past two weeks. I have been very busy keeping up with this training and also trying to get in some family time. 

Last week I was faced with the pleasure of having to not only run my first half marathon, but also do a 15 mile run. Those two long runs, on top of my weekly training schedule, added an additional 17 miles per week. I also raced twice in less than a week at Iowa Speedway with the No. 77 OtterBox Tundra and at Chicagoland Speedway in my No. 77 Net10 Wireless Tundra. 

My parents came to visit from Mexico and met the team in Iowa. I left Iowa with them and drove to Chicago where we spent the week sightseeing in the city. Sightseeing means only one thing - tons of walking.  I've heard that I'm starting to walk like an "abuelo", which is grandfather in Spanish.

Last week I ran my first half marathon. I got up super early to run as I had to be at Red Horse Racing in the morning to tape a segment for FOX Sports 1 about how I got into racing and now in NASCAR. Did you get to see it? I surprisingly felt pretty good after the run. I had a difficult time refueling after the 13.1 miles but know what to do from now on.

I have to admit, my body is really feeling the strain it has endured through the past month of training. I ice my knees daily, started to wear compression stockings, and the physical demand of training for a marathon in such little time has depleted my body of energy. I haven’t been able to keep up with CrossFit because of it.  

This week I'll get back to my normal routine in Charlotte and start to prepare for the race in Las Vegas next weekend, where I will be behind the wheel of the No. 77 OtterBox Tundra.

Do you know what’s cool about going to Las Vegas next week? I will be driving a 2014 Toyota Tundra around the 26.2 mile course that I am going to run when I return in November. 

Tune into FOX Sports 1 for The Setup on Saturday, Sept. 28 to see what my first impressions of the course are. Adios!