Marathon training: Quiroga Week 4

October 18, 2013, German Quiroga,

Quiroga injures Achilles' tendon while training, but determined to race

Hello runners --

In the last two weeks, I have put a lot of miles on my shoes. I have done a 20-mile run and a 15-mile run in the last two weeks. According to my running times, I am very close to my goal time. Which makes me very happy. Unfortunately, I am now suffering from a slight injury.

While I was running in Chicago, I felt that something uncomfortable in my right Achilles' tendon. Of course, I persevered and pushed through the pain to finish. However, it’s getting worse, especially after my 20-mile run. Once I return from Talladega this weekend, I am going to see a physical therapist to see what the recommendation is for me to be at the top of my game for the race in November. I’m not giving up.


On the way home from Las Vegas two weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to stop in Fort Collins, Colo., to visit the OtterBox headquarters. Of course my training did not stop, as I woke up at 5 a.m. to do a CrossFit class. Fort Collins is beautiful and all the Otter’s were very gracious and kind. I got a tour of OtterBox headquarters and two of the distribution centers in the area -- what a great organization. Heading into the Homestead-Miami Speedway race, I will be able to visit the NET10 Wireless headquarters as well. I am very blessed to have such a supportive team behind me.

I did my longest run ever, 20 miles, on Oct. 10. This is the last long run I will do before my marathon. It went very well. I felt really good. I didn’t sleep well the night before my run because I didn’t know what to expect on how my body would react to such a long run. My cadence (steps per minute) is getting better and my heart rate average is really good. I kept my pace for 20 miles, so I feel confident that I will be able to end the race on a strong note.

I have focused myself into listening to my body instead of listening to music. I think it's more important to listen to my body since I am not an experienced runner. I want to be able to know when to drink water, take a gel and focus on my breathing and my steps. My trainer, Blake Haugland, has really helped me learn what to look for.

I’m really excited that the Las Vegas Marathon is part of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series because I won't need my headphones any way. With all of the live, local bands on the course, I will be rockin’ out the whole way.

On the next blog, we will share the outfit that I will wear at the marathon. We are only 31 days away.

- German