Marathon training: Quiroga Week 5

October 31, 2013, German Quiroga,

Quiroga making strides after injury, looks the part in running suit

Hello, everybody --

Over the past two weeks, I've been trying to heal my body. We've been racing every week since we talked last. Racing at Martinsville last week on a short track really demanded a lot of foot movement with the brake pressure. I've been going to therapy and rehab with laser treatments on my Achilles' tendon. Some days I feel like I am ready for the Las Vegas Rock 'N' Roll Marathon and some days I feel like it's going to be impossible to run one block.

Because of my injury, I decided to take my long run indoors and run on an AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. This treadmill was interesting. First, you step into a pair of elastic shorts that straps into an anti-gravity bag. The bag surrounds you then fills up with air. Then you start running. I ran 12 miles on this.

It was a little boring for me because I am used to running outdoors and having free range to look at everything moving around me. Here, however you have just a TV to look at. It was a neat experience. Obviously it makes you feel like you weigh a lot less. I think it is good for me to take a little bit of weight off of my Achilles' right now. I will probably do it again just so I am healing myself a little bit better before my race.

We raced at Talladega in the Net 10 Wireless/OtterBox truck two weeks ago and had a big crash there. It was a pretty hard hit for me. But, even though I had the accident, training must continue. I got a good night's sleep on Saturday night and did an eight-mile run on Sunday. That's crazy -- I sound like a runner.

Martinsville this past weekend was fun. I am happy because we got another top-10 finish in my OtterBox/Net 10 Wireless truck. I was pumped. The momentum from that finish will definitely carry on to Texas this weekend, the track where we scored our very best finish (third) in the Truck Series.

Jimmie Johnson, the five-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion, talked about running 20 miles the other day. Let's just say, he is fast. I'm not trying to beat Jimmie Johnson because he has had some great training, but it's inspirational for me to see another competitor with the same passion. But, I will challenge Jimmie to lift weights with me next year once I pick up again on my CrossFit.

I'm heading to Texas on Thursday and I'm really looking forward to the race on Friday night. Saturday, I will do my long run of the week, which is 11 miles. We are getting down to crunch time.

I know why people ask me if I get nervous before a NASCAR race. And now I know that I don't get nervous. But I know what they are trying to say because I am living that now with my training and my long runs. I think it's going to be the same the night before the marathon. I am going to be nervous and not knowing what to expect. I am already anxious about the run.

As promised, here is a look at the outfit the OtterBox has put together for me to run in this marathon. What do you guys think?

See you in two weeks for the season-finale race, just days before my marathon.

- German