Marathon training Quiroga Week 6: Here goes nothing

November 15, 2013, German Quiroga,

Days away from marathon, Quiroga aims for nutrition, rest and hydration

Over the past two weeks I have lowered my mileage and tried to rest my Achilles as much as possible to be able to be in top shape for the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon. I’ve been totaling an average of 25 miles a week. I have definitely been feeling the pain from my Achilles so I’ve continued to go to therapy and get treatments.

We’ve also traveled a lot with the season coming to an end. We flew out to Texas Motor Speedway and then the following week to Phoenix International Raceway, which is a long trip. After Phoenix, I came home and ran six miles on Sunday, six miles on Monday, three miles on Thursday and I only have one, one mile run left before Sunday.

I completed my entire training program and only missed around 15 miles total during the 14-week process. My total mileage for the training is around 305 miles. It’s a really good accomplishment for me. Hopefully I can do the 26.2 mile race without injury. 

I hope to finish the marathon in less than four hours. Time-wise, everything predicted I would say I will be able to do that, but you never know until you get to the last few miles. You never know if you’ll be able to keep the same pace. I’m going to eat well the rest of the week, make sure I am hydrated and just be prepared for anything.

I’m interested to see how my body will react with the long travel. Friday, I have a full day at Homestead-Miami Speedway in my NET10 Wireless Toyota Tundra with practice, qualifying and the race. Then, will have to get up early to make my flight to Las Vegas which is around five and a half hours from Miami to Las Vegas. I think my legs will be really sore from that flight so hopefully being hydrated will help.

I plan on checking in on Saturday afternoon and hopefully that will get me really pumped up for the race. I want to make sure I get a good eight-hour rest before the race. Sunday morning I’ll get up and eat a big breakfast, then maybe even take another nap before the race. With it being at 4:30 in the afternoon, I’ll have a lot of anticipation building up all day waiting to start.

I’ve been taking gels every five miles and that works fine for me. I haven’t been training with water and Gatorade during my long runs, so now that the stations will be there it will be helpful.

I’m excited that you all will be able to follow along on Twitter: @gerspeed1 for updates on where I am during the race. At every 5k mark, a tweet will go out and give an estimated finish time for me. That will give me a little bit more motivation to do well. I think that’s pressure in itself to finish on time. I’m really excited about my OtterBox outfit too.

Thank you all for joining me on this new journey. I hope that you enjoyed reading along as much as I enjoyed telling you about it. Here goes nothing.

- German