Glory Road 2.0 adds Fred Lorenzen's '66 Ford Galaxie

December 17, 2013, Staff report,

Lorenzen's 'Banana Car' is the latest addition to revamped Hall exhibit

As part of the revamped Glory Road 2.0 set to debut on Jan.11, the NASCAR Hall of Fame announced the eighth of nine exclusive sneak peeks included in the exhibit. The 1966 No. 26 Ford Galaxie of Fred Lorenzen will join the 18 cars that will comprise the exhibit. The reveal took place online on the NASCAR Hall of Fame's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages on Tuesday.

About Fred Lorenzen's 1966 Ford Galaxie 'Banana Car'

Fred Lorenzen drove the 1966 No. 26 Ford Galaxie for Junior Johnson at the Dixie 400 at Atlanta International Raceway (now Atlanta Motor Speedway) on Aug. 7, 1966. On the heels of Ford Motor Company boycotting NASCAR, Johnson built this specially designed Ford and signed Lorenzen as the driver in an attempt to lure Ford back into the sport. The car was painted yellow and had a dropped nose, chopped roof and raised rear quarter panels resembling a banana. Lorenzen qualified third and was leading midway through the race when a front hub broke sending the car into the wall and out of the race.

When Lorenzen crashed, a journalist said, "It’s pretty hard to drive a banana at 145 miles per hour." The nickname stuck, and the car has been known as the "Banana Car" ever since. This Ford ranks as one of the most controversial stock cars in NASCAR history. Its radical body design was used in only one race, but it brought attention to the need for body templates, which have been used in the NASCAR inspection process ever since.

About Glory Road 2.0

Glory Road, which features 18 historic stock cars encircling the Great Hall, has served as one of the Hall’s most prominent focal points since opening. Speedways from across the country are illustrated here as well, where guests can touch the texture of various tracks and feel the intense banking that drivers face week-to-week. Glory Road 2.0 will see 18 new cars that reflect the six generations of premier series race cars that have been driven and built by some of the sport’s most celebrated drivers, owners and mechanics.
To mark this major exhibit revamp, the Hall will provide an exclusive sneak peek of artifacts in the coming weeks via in-person and social media unveils. The nine debuts will culminate with a behind-the-scenes media preview of all 18 cars in January. Prior to each Glory Road 2.0 announcement, stay tuned to the NASCAR Hall of Fame on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for sneak peek details of the NASCAR stock cars that will find a new home in this exhibit. Upcoming in-person photo opportunities that will be open to the public will be announced accordingly. Please note, stock car generations and sneak peek dates are subject to change.

Glory Road 2.0 Sneak Peek Schedule:



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Fred Lorenzen's 1966 Ford Galaxie

Dec. 26:

Generation 1