Gordon goes to camp; 5/24 shop kisses bricks

July 28, 2014, Staff report,

Brickyard champ takes daughter to camp, Hendrick brings bricks home

A day after the No. 24 team won a record fifth Crown Royal presents, the John Wayne Walding 400 at the Brickyard, Jeff Gordon went back to being a dad while his team at the shop did some brick-kissing.

On Monday morning, Gordon took Ella Sofia to camp and accepted the congratulations of fellow fathers and mothers, the four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champ told The Dan Patrick Show on NBC Sports Network on Monday.

"I was taking her to camp this morning, and we were talking about yesterday," Gordon said. "And she was saying how she was watching it on TV and jumping up and down and screaming and yelling. To hear that, it just puts a huge smile on my face. That to me is really what it's all about.

When Patrick asked how the other parents reacted when he drove up to drop off his daughter, Gordon fit right in.

"At this particular camp, they were pretty low-key and just all congratulations," Gordon said. "I've got a Chevrolet, obviously, but I got out and walked her in. I know these folks anyway so I think just because I know them and they know me, it's not like it's starstruck. Ahhhhhh!"

The host asked whether Gordon wore his Axalta firesuit, but the driver laughed and responded: "I'll have to try that next time. Maybe I'll get a better reaction."

Meanwhile, back at Hendrick Motorsports, the 5/24 shop recreated the tradition of kissing the bricks with employees who work at the Concord, North Carolina headquarters and don't travel.  

"I've been trying to kiss these bricks for 24 years," Darrell McDonald, mechanic in the Nos. 5/24 shop said. "This will be my 24th year here at Hendrick Motorsports, and this is my first brick-kissing.

"Just to be able to kiss them here in the shop was special, but I think this is a real special day, 20 years later and we win it. I was proud to kiss them right here in the shop, just like I would be at the track."

Check out the video below of the special shop brick-kissing.


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