Jimmie Johnson gives scoop on his awesome man cave

March 28, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Think your man cave is cool? Guess again

My man cave (which I embarrassingly call 'The Pat Cave') is about 100 square feet, its walls adorned with some sports posters, a Patrick Ewing Georgetown University basketball throwback jersey and a few old guitars, with a mostly busted laptop I got in 2008 sitting atop a dusty wooden desk to bring it all together.

Jimmie Johnson's is slightly better.

In an interview with celebrity multimedia entertainment company Young Hollywood last week while the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series was out in California for Auto Club Speedway weekend, the reigning champion brought to light some of the details surrounding his own digs.

Here are some of the highlights:

-- 13,000 square feet

-- Hidden inside an abandoned building in non-descript industrial area in North Carolina

-- Classic old-time bar

-- Poker table

-- Pool table

-- Golf simulator

-- Driving simulator

-- Motorized raceable bar stools

-- Motorized recliners

And something tells me he was downplaying the sheer awesomeness of his fortress of solitude. (Note: from the sounds of it, it's really more of a fortress of socialization, but the guy's pretty much Superman so I wanted to stick with the theme.)

During the interview, Johnson also touched on what it's like to be so good at his home state track in California, the crazy thing that happened during the burnout of his first career Cup victory, how high his heart rate is during a race and his rigorous athletic training.

Watch the video of Johnson talking about his man cave below:



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