Jimmie Johnson recreates 'The Hangover' in Vegas

December 06, 2013, Pat DeCola,

Six-Time and Co. have 'lost' crew chief Chad Knaus

When NASCAR Sprint Cup Series titles come in droves the way they do for six-time champion Jimmie Johnson, it's not unthinkable to feel that things might get a little stale once you need two hands to count them all.

While Johnson has shown no signs of going through the motions due to championship fatigue, that doesn't mean Six-Time isn't afraid to spice it up once in awhile.

Especially when he's in Las Vegas.

While Champion's Week is more or less Johnson's metaphorical Victory Lap, he decided to add a little extra excitement to the mix by recreating scenes from the hit movie "The Hangover" on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

It all seemed in good fun until Johnson posted a cryptic message from "Hangover" star Ken Jeong, indicating this prank might be a little deeper than we had imagined.

If you've been engulfed in all the glory of Champion's Week and missed out on these gems, follow along and stay tuned as this interesting turn of events continues to unfold.