Kyle Larson 'makes love, not war'

February 20, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Sprint Cup Series rookie shoots promo spot for sponsor AXE Peace

A little less than a month ago, Sprint Cup Series rookie phenom Kyle Larson teased us with a tweet that showed a can of AXE Peace posted up on the inside wall of a race track, saying he just shot a new, national commercial.

Just based on the timing of the tweet, it appeared that Larson's ad would air during the Super Bowl, but after the NFL's Daytona 500 came and went without a sight/scent of Larson, the buzz sort of fell by the wayside.

And then he hit it with us Wednesday. Larson tweeted out a link to the commercial, which is quite good.

The product Larson is representing -- AXE Peace -- certainly has one of the more racy taglines in recent memory. From the AXE YouTube account this is the description for the video: "Even in the heat of battle, NASCAR driver Kyle Larson keeps the Peace. Make love, not war with new AXE Peace."

Watch Larson's new commercial below and see for yourself: