NASCAR drivers pick imaginary bobsled teams

February 10, 2014, Staff report,

While drivers had differing opinions on front runners, the consensus was clear on who would be pushing

Editor's note: Photo courtesy of Ford Racing

With Sochi Winter Olympics coverage sweeping the nation, it seems only natural to ask some of the fastest athletes how they would build a team to race in one of the Olympics' fastest sports -- four-man bobsledding. 

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards and Joey Logano voiced their opinions in how they would construct the fastest bobsled quartet with their only resources being the drivers in the NASCAR garage.

“I will definitely take Danica (Patrick) as our front person," Stenhouse Jr. said in a press release. "She is super-light and can fit in there perfectly."

While Stenhouse Jr. trusts in his petite girlfriend to be the front runner, Biffle chose 2014 Sunoco Rookie of the Year candidate Kyle Larson to pilot the sled. 

Logano, on the other hand, prefers to see himself in the driver seat. 

"I want to be the driver," Logano said. "I don't trust anyone else to drive for me either, so that is perfect."

While they may have differing opinions on who'd they like to see up front, Stenhouse Jr., Biffle and Logano can all agree on one thing -- they would want Edwards in the back pushing. 

"I think Carl is definitely going to be in the back pushing," Stenhouse Jr. said. "We need someone back there that is crazy-strong, so Carl is my pick for that."

Edwards was flattered, but has reservations about getting into a sled with any of them.  

"First, let me say that the other guys are picking me to go in the back, which is flattering, but the issue is I wouldn't ride with any of those guys if they are driving," Edwards said jokingly.

While these bobsled teams are fictional, NASCAR does seem to have a dog in the race, so to speak, at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Geoff Bodine, a former Cup Series driver and Daytona 500 champion, has been constructing bobsleds for Team USA since 2002.

Bodine's 2010 Vancouver Olympics bobsled he built for Team USA helped to end a 62-year gold medal drought.

This year, Team USA returns to the ice with Bodine's designs in hopes of another medal. The sled has already won gold medals in the first three 2013-2014 FIBT World Cup races held in Calgary, Alberta; Park City, Utah; and Lake Placid, N.Y.