Daytona 500 ranked third in 2013 Google searches

December 17, 2013, Taylor Starer,

Daytona 500 ranks above Tour de France and French Open for most searched annual event

With just a short time left in 2013, Google analyzed the top trending moments in the past year and ranked them in order of most searched. 

Ranging from the most searched people, annual events, brands, and even celebrity break-ups, the Google 2013 Zeitgeist is a great way to reflect on all that encompassed 2013. 

Ranked third, just behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday and before the Chinese New Year, NASCAR's Daytona 500 stands strong as the third most searched annual event of 2013. 

So here at we want to thank the NASCAR Nation for your overwhelming and increasing love and support for the sport and we're looking forward to see where we'll stand in 2014.

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