NASCAR drivers honor their moms on Mother's Day

May 11, 2014,

NASCAR drivers pay tribute to their moms for Mother's Day 2014

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Justin Allgaier, who wrecked out of Saturday night's race

"Definitely not how I wanted to give my wife her first Mother’s Day present or my Mom her Mother’s Day present, but Happy Mother’s Day to them and all the mothers out there."

Clint Bowyer

“(NASCAR Moms) are every bit as tough as a NASCAR Dad, I can promise you that. She’ll be over chewing my butt faster than he will or tell you or anything like that. She’s always in somebody’s ear. It really is cool and it’s a big weekend for Mother’s Day. She means a lot to us and thinking back to the early days when she had three kids racing and getting everything ready for us. Racing is a family sport and it always has been for us and it is today. It’s pretty cool and they asked her to wave the green flag so are a pretty close family so we’ve all been ragging her a little bit, ‘Don’t drop the flag Mom, just whatever you do, do not drop the flag.’ That’s pretty cool. I hope there’s not a caution.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr., on what his mom means to him:

"I don’t have enough time to answer that to give it justice. She was from a racing family.  Obviously I loved the sport when I was a little kid so I was so lucky to have it on both sides of my family.  My parents split up when I was really young, but no matter where I was, I was around a race car. Which I really appreciated because the Gee’s, my mother was a Gee, Robert Gee and Robert Gee, Jr. and all them, they raced and did things differently and approached racing differently so it was fun to sort of learn from both sides. 

"She had a huge influence on me becoming a Washington Redskins fan which I really appreciate to this day. She just worked really hard and she had a hard time giving up custody of me and Kelly to my father in 1981. She just knew we would have better opportunities and a better life in that situation. That was very difficult and she fought with that internally for many, many years.

"It was a real joy to be able to have her husband Willie (Jackson) retire from his job as a fireman and them be able to move to North Carolina and be close and be able to really become more a part of her life again. She has a great sense of humor and very sarcastic and I really appreciate that. Just a ton of fun to be around, if you want an honest opinion and you want the truth even if you don’t want to hear it your mom is the best person to go to, to get it. She doesn’t have a filter and she will steer you down the right path every time.  It’s great to have a relationship with her that I have today.  She is a huge influence on my life and has been for some time.”

Jeff Gordon

“I've got to say Happy Mother’s Day. What an amazing Mother’s Day present this is going to be. I can’t wait to see my wife Ingrid and my mom tomorrow. It’s going to be an amazing celebration."

Jimmie Johnson

“My parents, together, were largely responsible for my career and my love for racing. My mom fortunately was on board; it wasn’t just my dad’s idea to take me to the race track. My mom was really into it and enjoyed it. She even did a few little races in the ladies division and stuff in different vehicles.

"So, her willingness to let me ride and compete was much appreciated. But I think my personality and the way I treat others, even the way I compete, really reflects my mom. She’s a respectful person and treats others how they treat you; a lot of those things from my mother’s personality show through. I guess I'm more like my mom than my brothers are to a certain degree.

"So, I’m very thankful for all the sacrifices my parents made. Mother’s Day is a special day; especially now being a parent and understanding that a little bit better. It makes me reflect back and think about all the times I was traveling the country in a 1979 Ford Econoline van with a little 12-foot trailer behind it towing motorcycles. I can’t imagine parents taking off weeks at a time to take me to Oklahoma to race dirt bikes or to Tennessee or to Las Vegas. All the sacrifices they made were pretty awesome.”

Brad Keselowski

"This weekend will be the perfect opportunity for us make a statement and have a strong showing. It will be especially nice to be able to give my Mom a nice Mother’s Day weekend win.”

Hey, there's always the All-Star Race, Brad.

Jamie McMurray

"It's different because normally we've had Mother's Day at Darlington, and all of my family lives here now. I think that my mom is going to try to go back with me this year. It's been easier in the past because you would just ‑‑ we kind of planned it out where she and I would just drive down together, so that was always really nice. And then after having kids, it's special because you're spending that with your mom and then also your wife who is a mother. That day becomes much more important.

"But this year I think my mom is going to actually fly back with me and I think she's going to hang out with her friends a little bit in Joplin and then come back up to the race in Kansas.

"Yeah, it'll be really special. It's become more and more important to me the older that I get, and after having kids you just realize everything that your mom has given up and how much work they put into raising you.  It becomes more special every year.

"I think when I look at my parents, my parents were quite a bit different. My dad was fairly loud and outspoken, and my mom was very reserved.  But I learned a lot from both of them, and when I look back to my mom, I think some of the values she taught me was, first off, how important getting an education was. She was a schoolteacher. And then also my mom was just always really conservative and really good at saving money and not wasting things, and that has rubbed off on me, and I've kind of been that way my whole life. That's from her and listening to her and just kind of doing what she did when she was raising us. I learned really good stuff from her."

Tony Stewart

“My whole family supported me, basically. Mom was a little more reserved and a little more quiet about it than my father was. My father was kind of the ring leader. He was the one who made all the decisions on what we did and didn’t do. While she was a little bit reserved, she was, and still is, one of my biggest supporters.

“She’s a pretty patient woman. Anyone that could actually raise me and not want to kill me or kick me out of the house has got to be a very patient person. That’s my mom. She’s a very patient lady with a great heart and she’s really good with people.”