Dillon features the No. 3 on 'CBS This Morning'

December 20, 2013, Taylor Starer,

Austin Dillon has support of Danny "Chocolate" Myers, Dale Earnhardt's longtime fueler

Austin Dillon took to "CBS This Morning" talk show to feature both of the No. 3 rides he'll run next season in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Joining Dillon to explain the No. 3's history and meaning was Richard Childress, Danny "Chocolate" Myers and NASCAR President Mike Helton. 

One week after the announcement of bringing the legendary No. 3 back to the track in the Sprint Cup Series, Dillon spent his time on "CBS This Morning" explaining not only the car's importance to the sport, but to himself. 

"I've been running it for four years in different series and hearing people come up talking about Dale, I think it's very special," Dillon said. "I think now that we've brought it to today and going cup racing with it, it's exciting for people who didn't know about Dale also."

Dillon also has the support of NASCAR veteran Danny "Chocolate" Myers, Dale Earnhardt's longtime fueler.

"I think fans are excited about it," Myers said. "At least we know 95 percent of them are excited about it. And I think, I think that more people will get on board pretty quick."

Childress explained that running the No. 3 was what Dale Earnhardt always wanted. 

"We were in Daytona and it was raining and we were sitting there talking about his retirement, what he was gonna do. I think this was probably 2000," Childress said. "He told me, he said 'I want you to keep running this car, I want you to keep running the three, and I want you to be able to win races and win championships.' "

Below is a timeline of tweets from Austin Dillon, "CBS This Morning" and Richard Childress Racing's Twitter accounts from Friday morning. 

You can watch Austin Dillon's interview from CBS This Morning below: