@nascarcasm blog: Pocono 400

June 09, 2014, @nascarcasm NASCAR Wire Service,

Brain behind irreverent Twitter handle offers up a few thoughts following Pocono 400

To save time, many NASCAR tweeters maintain a list of regularly-used tweets and fill in minor details. The first addition to the list…

Brad Keselowski probably feels like he threw one away. And as result of that debris he would like to remind fans at Pocono to PLEASE throw things away also.
Overheard frequently at the driver’s meeting: "Yes, we can go meet Channing Tatum, honey” followed by "Wait – why aren't you wearing your wedding ring?"
Pocono Raceway's slogan: "What turn 4?" Kurt Busch’s Pocono slogan: "What gear 4?"
Matt Kenseth suffered severe damage to his grille after contact with the back of Jamie McMurray's car. And if you thought that damage was rough, look at your hand after trying to muss Jamie's hair.

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