@nascarcasm blog: Kansas

May 12, 2014, @nascarcasm NASCAR Wire Service,

Brain behind irreverent Twitter handle offers up a few thoughts on Kansas


-- Give Jimmie Johnson and the No. 48 team credit for earning a top-10 in a car that was worse with the clutch than Tony Romo.
-- Scary moment with the No. 1 car hitting the wall and going up in flames at Kansas Speedway. But we sincerely appreciate Jamie McMurray’s assistance in providing a brief moment of illumination on the backstretch.
-- Very indicative of the year Clint Bowyer is having when the upside of your day is people saying “Well, at least I’m pretty certain THAT spin wasn’t deliberate…”
-- Lights go out during Super Bowl? Game delayed. Lights go out during NASCAR race? They continue on. This begs the question -- are football players athletes?

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