Samantha Busch reaches fans from a new perspective

May 13, 2014, Taylor Starer,

Wife of Kyle Busch takes on role of engaging younger, female NASCAR fanbase

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- From growing up far from the world of NASCAR to becoming a recognizable figure within the sport, Samantha Busch has learned a lot along the way.

While Busch admits she knows very little about the adjustments and science behind what makes husband Kyle Busch's race car a winner, she reaches fans on another level.

"I started on Twitter on the day after Kyle and I got engaged ... so that was my first tweet," Busch said Tuesday while at the NASCAR Hall of Fame for the Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing Professionals Content Summit. "From there, a lot of people want access to the drivers that they can't get anywhere else."

Since marrying the Joe Gibbs Racing driver in 2010, Samantha has dedicated her time to developing her brand through blogging and a strong social media presence -- and in addition to her social media musings, Busch serves as a guest blogger for

Busch provides her following with everything from pictures of pit stops to explanations of what's being said over the radio. Because she's Kyle Busch's wife, she is able to give his fans in-depth information on the No. 18 racing team. 

Outside of the race world, though, Samantha Busch has other interests. 

"I have my own passions, separate from him, and I wanted to be able to travel with him (Kyle), but still be myself," she said. "I've always had a fashion background, I was an aerobic instructor in college and in high school, so I really just built my brand around things that I was really passionate about. People know when you're not being authentic with them, so in order to build a brand I just focused on what I love and what the fans are asking from me." 

Since Samantha Busch has developed her brand through social media, she has taken on the role of engaging the younger, female fanbase of NASCAR. She gears her content toward the specific demographic she's trying to reach.

"Facebook, my parents are on that, so it's a little bit of an older demographic," Busch said. "Twitter has everybody, and Instagram is really young. Kids don't want to read 140 characters, they just want a photo, so I think you really have to tailor each message to which social media site you're using."

Samantha is also known for tweeting pictures of her race-day outfits, or the workouts she does on the bus to stay in shape. For engagement, Busch tweets pictures along with questions that spark conversations and allow her to better engage with her audience. 

With 151,000 Twitter followers, Busch has created a platform that is turning a simple NASCAR follower into an advocate for the sport. 

"Through stuff I've posted, it's inspired fans," Busch said. "You see fans send you photos of 'I saw this on your blog' or 'Look I've lost 40 pounds doing your workouts' or 'Look, I gave my family Kyle's favorite Tex-Mex pasta salad.' They really do follow it and a lot of them have started their own different blogs." 

Social media has also given Busch the opportunity to show her husband, Kyle, in a different light.

"People see Kyle for five seconds on TV, whether it's us at the national anthem or after a bad race or a good race, that's not entirely who he is," Busch said. "Obviously racing is his job and his passion, but he's a husband and everything else and to show him with our dogs or with his friends and our family, it shows the softer side of him." 

To follow Samantha Busch visit her Twitter account @SamanthaBusch or her blog at


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