Gordon appears in Sprint 'Framily' commercial

April 25, 2014,

Gordon is the second professional athlete to appear in a Sprint Framily commercial

Jeff Gordon has now joined the short list of professional athletes who have appeared in Sprint's Framily campaign with his new commerical starring Charlotte Motor Speedway's mascot, Lug Nut. 

Also in the commercial is the "Dad" of Sprint's Framily, the "Frobinsons," who is played by a comical hamster and voiced by comedian Andrew Dice Clay. 

In the commercial, Dad wants Gordon to join the Frobinson's Framily and is displeased when Gordon reveals that not only does he have his own Framily, but Lug Nut is in it. 

Kevin Durant, star forward for the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder, was the first professional athlete to star in the Sprint Framily commerical series. 

Jeff Gordon talking to Dad in the garage.


Jeff Gordon showing Dad his "Framily." (Back row, left to right) Dion Williams, front-tire carrier; Travis Gordon, gas man and engineer; Steve Hlinak, shop foreman; Alan Gustafson, crew chief. (Front row, left to right) Chad Avrit, rear-tire changer; Jeff Gordon, driver; Jon Desrocher, tire specialist; Lug Nut, Charlotte Motor Speedway mascot.


Dad rolling away after Gordon tells him he has his own Framily
Gordon and Lug Nut in the garage together


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