Top five mustaches in NASCAR history

January 16, 2014, Pat DeCola,

Counting down the top mustaches in NASCAR's rich history of lip foliage

Now you've done it, Brendan Gaughan.

With all the buzz surrounding your "Save it or Shave it" social media campaign, it got us at talking about some of the best mustaches we've seen in the sport throughout the years.

Without further ado, the top lipholstery in the history of NASCAR:

Jeff Gordon

'Stache-nalysis: Where to begin? When Jeff Gordon burst onto the full-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series scene in 1993, he earned himself the nickname of "Wonder Boy." Perhaps it should have been "Wonder 'Stache". Gordon's mustache was nothing too lavish, just a nice, kempt caterpillar-looking facial-enhancer. He was just a 21-year-old rookie, after all. Added bonus: It complemented his mullet oh-so-well.

Dale Earnhardt

'Stache-nalysis: Certainly not the most robust in color of the group -- but perhaps the most famous -- Earnhardt's auburn face lace already had him standing out from the crowd a decade before he'd take home the first of his seven titles. This particular shot of Earnhardt almost makes you do a double take -- is this taken from a race track or the cover of GQ?

Dale Jarrett

'Stache-nalysis: Sure, that 1999 Cup championship probably didn't hurt his prospects, but it's tough to think that 2014 NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee Dale Jarrett wouldn't have gotten in on facial hair credentials alone. Throw in the fact that Jarrett's upper lip probably played a part in the inspiration for the character Cal Naughton Jr. in "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" and we've got a winner.

Richard Petty

'Stache-nalysis: There's a reason the King of Hearts is the only one of the four kings in a deck of playing cards not to don a mustache -- because it was bestowed upon Richard Petty. While The King's crumb catcher has been scaled back in recent years to a more traditional look, Petty used to rock the full handlebars in the early 1970s. It was so breath-taking that even former STP CEO Andy Granatelli is holding on for dear life in this photo.

Tim Richmond

'Stache-nalysis: Tim Richmond was one of the first drivers to switch from open wheel racing to the stock car stables of NASCAR full-time, influencing plenty that came after him to make the now-more-common transfer -- but there's no telling how many mustaches he inspired. Throw in the half-unbuttoned fire suit showing off a little chest hair and Richmond had it all.

What are some of your favorites, NASCAR Nation? Let us know in the comments section.